Rausch von Traubenberg

Genealogical information based mainly on E. M. Rausch-Gernet in "Nabokovsky Vestnik" no.2, 1998, p.82–97, and data base "Geni"

The Nabokov Family Web (NFW) I compiled in 2006 did not reach to those outlaying branches of the Rausch von Traubenberg family with whom Nabokov was in touch in 1932 during his first prolonged stay in Paris. According to his Letters to Vιra, in November 1932 he stayed in the crammed apartment of "the Rausches", i.e. of "Koka" (Nikolai Nikolaevich) Rausch von Traubenberg and his wife, his son and her daughter, both from other marriages. None of them can be found in the NFW.

What to do? The software I used to generate the NFW has not been functional for some time. It had produced a format that is not compatible with any current genealogical software and thus cannot be converted. I still can edit the text of single pages, but I cannot add any further persons. So here I am offering the Rausch von Traubenberg data separately as plain text. Fortunately, however, I have been able to reanimate the software with which I produced the charts (family trees) I had added to the NFW for a better visualization of the relationship between the persons. So »here you will find a computer generated family tree of the Rausch von Traubenberg branch.

Baron Evgenii Alexandrovich Rausch von Traubenberg
and Nina Dmitrievna Nabokov


Nikolai Nikolaevich ("Koka")
Rausch von Traubenberg

Luc Rausch of Styria (now SE Austria) in 1462 received the title of "Freiherr" (Baron) from Holy Roman Emperor Frederick III "the Peaceful" (1415-1493). Emperor Charles V (1500-1558) allowed the Styrian Barons Rausch to add 'von Traubenberg' to their name, giving it a slightly tipsy ring in German ("Inebriation from Vine Mountain"). Early in the 18th century members of the family drifted to Denmark and a hundred years later to Estonia to become German-Baltic landowners. Estonia at that time was part of Russia, so some went on to become officers in the Russian Imperial Army. One of them was Baron Evgenii (Eugen) Alexandrovich Rausch von Traubenberg (1855-1923), a general in the Tsar's cavalry, who in 1880 married the eldest daughter of the Tsar's Minister of Justice, Nina Dmitrievna Nabokov (1860/1861?-1944), Vladimir Nabokovs aunt.

When at the end of 1932 VN went on a five weeks lecturing and networking tour to Paris and Belgium, he stayed for three weeks in the crowded apartment of aunt Nina's nephew "Koka" Rausch von Traubenberg and his family, consisting at the time of his wife Maria Rausch von Traubenberg nιe Menzelintsev and their two children from other marriages, Alexander Rausch von Traubenberg and Maria Obolensky. Aunt Nina was also living in Paris in the 1930s. Her first husband had died in Munich in 1923; she was now married to ex-admiral Nikolai Nikolaevich Kolomeitsev. "Aunt Nina", VN wrote home to his wife,"is 72 years old, but she has kept her great liveliness and cheerfulness, while Nikolai Nikolaevich looks like a hearty old English colonel ... From her, I went with Muma to the Rausches'. They, especially he, have a reputation for being the kindest people on earth." The "Muma" VN mentions is another relative, cousin Maria Sergeevna Zapolsky nιe Nabokov (born 16-Aug-1900 in Moscow, died 28-Aug-1972 in Beauvais), daughter of VN's uncle Sergei Dmitrievich Nabokov (1868-1940). "Muma" was married to a former officer in the Imperial Russian Navy who had become an opera singer, Vladimir Evgenievich Zapolsky (born 20-Apr-1898 in Kiev, died 20-May-1982 in Boulogne-sur-Seine).

Alexander Alexandrovich (Johann Alexander Karl) Baron Rausch von Traubenberg, 22-Sep-1814 near St.Petersburg – 25-Aug-1877 St. Petersburg

∞ 3-Aug-1841 Emilie Therese von Lode, 6-Aug-1823 Saratov – 17-Mar-1881 St. Petersburg

Alexander Rausch von Traubenberg, 20-Mar-1842 St.Petersburg – 20-Mar-1842

Emilia Anna Anastassiya Elizaveta, 22-Nov-1845 St.Petersburg – 7-Mar-1865 St.Petersburg

Konstantin Alexandrovich (Konstantin Paul Eduard) Rausch von Traubenberg, 24-Jan-1847 Novgorod – 26-Apr-1898 Berlin

∞ 1870 Elizaveta Montresor, 10-May-1849 Kiev – 13-Aug-1906 Kursk

Konstantin Konstantinovich Rausch von Traubenberg, 2-Apr-1871 Voronesh – 10-Jun-1935 Paris

Elisaveta Konstantinovna Rausch von Traubenberg, 14-Nov-1872 – 30-May-1921

Nadezhda Konstantinovna Rausch von Traubenberg, 16-Jul-1873 – ?

Alexander Alexandrovich Brinkman, 1870 – ?

Alexander Alexandrovich (Alexander Alexis Waldemar) Rausch von Traubenberg, 20-May-1848 Novgorod – 24-Mar-1868 St.Petersburg

Voldemar Anton Vilgelm, 9-Nov-1850 Novgorod – ?

Nikolai Alexandrovich (Nikolai Georg) Rausch von Traubenberg, 30-Jan-1853 Novgorod – 29-Aug-1902 Bad Soden

∞ 3-Mar-1879 Helene Emilie Charlotte Weiss, 1857 Tovis (Hungary) – 6-Aug-1896 Munich

Nikolai Nikolaevich (Nikolai Konstantin Alexander) Rausch von Traubenberg ("Koka"), 29-Dec-1880 St.Petersburg – 17-May-1943 Paris

∞ 1st marriage with Olga Alexandrovna Ebeling, 12-Sep-1885 St.Petersburg – 12-Jun-1928 Paris, divorced 1915

Alexander Nikolaevich Rausch von Traubenberg, 22-Apr-1909 St.Petersburg – 29-Apr-1965 Brussels

∞ 2nd marriage (1916?) with Maria Vasilievna Menzelintsev, 17-Apr-1884 Nizhni Novgorod – 1-Apr-1970 Boulogne-sur-Seine, daughter of Vasily Ivanovich Menzelintsev and Maria Adolfovna Mattes. Formerly married to Prince Nikolai Sergeevich Obolensky (1880- ?) with whom she had a daughter who stayed with her into her second marriage,

Maria Nikolaevna Obolensky, 1914 – 1946

Elena Emilia Alexandra (Elena Nikolaevna) Rausch von Traubenberg, 3-Dec-1884 St.Petersburg – ?

Evgenia Elizaveta Nina (Evgenia Nikolaevna) Rausch von Traubenberg), 25-Oct-1888 St.Petersburg – ?

Nikolai Victorovich Kardashevsky, 30-Dec-1878 – ?

Evgenii Alexandrovich (Eugen Alexander Ernst) Baron Rausch von Traubenberg ("uncle Zhenya"), 11-Jun-1855 Staraja Russa (Novgorod) – 14-Feb-1923 Munich

∞ 1st marriage with 1880 Nina Dmitrievna Nabokov, 14-Oct-1860 St.Petersburg – 28-Sep-1944 Paris (divorced 1909 in St. Petersburg)

Maria Evgenievna Rausch von Traubenberg, 5-May-1884 St.Petersburg – 5-Apr-1902

Natalia Evgenievna Rausch von Traubenberg, 11-Jan-1887 St.Petersburg – 1958

Tatiana Evgenievna Rausch von Traubenberg, 5-Mar-1888 St.Petersburg – 1978

Georgii (Yurii, "Yurik") Evgenievich Rausch von Traubenberg, 25-Dec-1897 St.Petersburg – 1919 Crimea

∞ 2nd marriage of Nina Dmitrievna Nabokov 1910 with Admiral Nikolai Nikolaevich Kolomeitsev, 16-Jul-1867 near Kherson – 6-Oct-1944 Paris (run over by a US truck),

no children

Paul Bernhard Demetrius (Pawel Alexandrovich) Rausch von Traubenberg, 13-Dec-1858 near Kharkov – 16-Sep-1923 Berlin

∞ 1881 Alexandra Fedorovna (Countess) Heyden, 8-Feb-1857 Moscow – 10-Dec-1922

Boris Pavlovich Rausch von Traubenberg, 1889 – ?