ZEMBLA is Jeff Edmund's excellent and plentiful Nabokov website,

installed in 1995 on the servers of Pennsylvania State University Libraries.

As due to the frame design its different pages cannot be addressed directly,

you will have to find your way to my contributions there. Here is a little

navigational help.


For the Nabokov Family Web (a walk-through genealogy of the Nabokov

family), go to <about nabokov>, click on <biography> in the menu to the left

and scroll down to <Nabokov Family Web>


For Homes and Haunts (a list of Nabokov's residences throughout his lifetime),

go to <about nabokov> and click on <homes & haunts> in the menu on the left


For A Bibliography of Criticism (with additions by Jeff Edmunds), go to

<for nabokovians>, find the menu on the left, click on <bibliographies &

indexes> and then select <A Bibliography of Criticism>


The same path will take you to

A Nabokov Filmography,

Nabokov on Stage

and An Index to The Nabokov-Wilson Letters (full version)