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Butterflies and Moths in Nabokov's Published Writings

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Part 2  :  1957-1974

This index does not include the butterflies and moths in Nabokov's strictly technical papers. The arrows [»] are hyperlinks to the corresponding entry in the alphabetical sections or to the biographical page. All stories are in Part 3, under »STORIES (1995).


PNIN (1957)


92                   the wheel on which egos are broken like »Morphos

128                 A score of small butterflies, all of one kind … [»Plebejus samuelis]

138                 huge, amber-brown Monarch butterflies flapped over asphalt [»Danaus plexippus]

177                 an exceptionally rare aberration of the Paphia Fritillary [»Argynnis paphia]


PALE FIRE (1962)


35                   (poem line 55) White butterflies turn lavender

42–3               (poem lines 270–271) My dark Vanessa, crimson-barred, my blest / My Admirable butterfly [»Vanessa atalanta]

44                   (poem line 316) The Toothwort White haunted our woods in May [»Pieris virginiensis]

59                   (poem lines 713–715) The need becomes a bird, the knobby twig / An »inchworm, and the cobra head, a big / Wickedly folded moth [see also »Attacus atlas]

69                   (poem lines 993–995) A dark Vanessa with a crimson band / Wheels in the low sun, settles on the sand / And shows its ink-blue wingtips flecked with white [»Vanessa atalanta]

106                 Otar ... had his two mistresses with him, eighteen-year-old »Fifalda ... and seventeen-year-old Fleur

114                  (A Luna's dead and shriveled-up cocoon) … "a large, tailed, pale green moth, the caterpillar of which feeds on the hickory" [»Actias luna]

134                 the mile-long corridor provided an extravagant means for his trysts with Iris. The scarlet-clothed fugitive [»Apatura iris]

142                 a black butterfly came dancing down a pebbly lake

169                 a humble admirer … is considerably more interested in discussing with him literature and life than in being told that the "diana" (presumably a flower) occurs in New Wye together with the "atlantis" (presumably another flower) [»Speyeria diana, »Speyeria atlantis]

 172                Vanessa … Advanced like Atalanta's star … The Red Admirable, later degraded to The Red Admiral … one of the few butterflies I happen to be familiar with … Zemblans call it harvalda (the heraldic one) … visit(s) the Michaelmas daisies in company with a day-flying »moth. I have seen the Red Admirable feasting on oozy plums and, once, on a dead rabbit. It is a most frolicsome fly. An almost tame specimen of it was the last natural object John Shade pointed out to me [»Vanessa atalanta, »Fabricius]

183–4            The Toothwort White … I am not certain what it means … variant … In woods Virginia Whites occurred in May … cabbage butterflies? [»Pieris virginiensis]

192                 the New York magazine The Beau and the Butterfly

202                 a heraldic butterfly volant en arrière, sable, a bend gules, traversed the stone parapet [»Vanessa atalanta]

218                 Figures in the first scientific works on flowers, birds, butterflies and so forth … the geranium bar of a scalloped wing [»Vanessa atalanta]

247                 that vortex of yellow and maroon butterflies that so pleased Chateaubriand on his arrival in America [»Eurema lisa]

277                 We can at last describe his tie …: imitation silk, color chocolate brown, barred with red [»Vanessa atalanta]

290                 A dark Vanessa … a Red Admirable … the tide of the shade reached the laurels, and the magnificent, velvet-and-flame creature dissolved in it [»Vanessa atalanta]

306                 Disa, Duchess of Payn [»Erebia disa]

306                 Embla [»Erebia embla]

308                 his limited knowledge of Lepidoptera and the sable gloom of his nature marked like a dark Vanessa with gay flashes [»Vanessa]

311                 Nitra and Indra, twin islands off Blawick [»Papilio indra, »Papilio zelicaon nitra]

314                 Vanessa, the Red Admirable (sumpsimus), evoked, 270; flying over a parapet on a Swiss hillside, 408; figured, 470; caricatured, 949, accompanying S's last steps in the evening sunshine, 993 [»Vanessa atalanta]




2.270             Butterflies as a rule do not care for the sweet-smelling white bells of the conval lily

2.271             a conventional lily upon which a generalized but entomologically not impossible caterpillar feeds

2.344              that sphinx [»hawk moth] dislodged from the trunk of a cypress in an old cemetery full of plum trees in bloom

2.410              in the canceled fair copy the butterfly is slightly different

2.417              as if it were possible to demand from butterflies or lilies deep sentiments and passions

2.472              The feet … of insects are properly called lapki … The feet of caterpillars and children … are nozhki

2.521              the once woaded English … turned to the plum, and the Purple Emperor butterfly … for their conception of purple [»Apatura iris]

3.81–82         Some poets have confused [a cockchafer's] drone, or whir, with the hum of »Hawk Moths bombinating at nightfall over flowers

3.287              I saw the place [the Fountain of Bahchisaray] in July, 1918, during a lepidopterological excursion


ADA, OR ARDOR (1969)


13                   »nymph

46                   Ada remembered, of course, mariposa, butterfly

55                   sharkmoth caterpillars [»Shargacucullia verbasci]

55                   the flat larva of a local catocalid [»Catocala] whose gray knobs and lilac placques mimicked the knots and lichens of the twig

55                   the little »Vaporer fellow, its black coat enlivened all along the back with painted tufts

55                   the garish monster that produces the modest Puss Moth [»Cerura vinula]

55                   the newly described very local Carmen Tortoiseshell [»Nymphalis carmen]

56                   the noble larva of the Cattleya Hawk Moth (mauve shades of Monsieur Proust) [»Sphinx odetta]

56                   a stiff 'Sphinxian' attitude

56                   The porcelain-white, eye-spotted Cowl (or "Shark") larva [»Shargacucullia verbasci]

56                   Ada's unique »Lorelei Underwing

56                   promising a Persian »Vaporer

56                   The two Puss Moth larvae had assumed a still uglier … aspect [»Cerura vinula]

56                   A freshly emerged »Nymphalis carmen was fanning its lemon and amber-brown wings

56                   the Odettian Sphinx had turned, bless him, into an elephantoid mummy with a comically encased trunk of the guermantoid type [»Sphinx odetta]

57                   »Antocharis ada Krolik (1884) … changed to A. prittwitzi Stümper (1883)

57                   a special Institute of »Fritillary larvae and violets

57                   a rare white violet from a secret marsh near an unnamed lake on an arctic mountain where Krolik's Lesser Fritillary flies [»Fritillary]

59                   a »moth's shocking metamorphosis

71                   the dancing flitter of a Holly Blue [»Celastrina argiolus] or an Echo Azure [»Celastrina ladon echo]

79                   A strange pale butterfly passed [»Parnassius]

79                   three exquisitely carved chrysalids

79                   the »Kibo Fritillary, a recently discovered rarity

85                   A pale diaphanous butterfly with a very black body… closely related to a Japanese Parnassian [»Parnassius]

94                   A silver-and-sable skybab squirrel [»Aricia icarioides]

94                   taking her ankle between finger and thumb as she would have a closed butterfly

95                   no caterpillars bred on that tree in our orchard

96                   a boxful of hatched and chloroformed butterflies

100                 the marvelous flower that simulated a bright moth that in turn simulated a scarab

101                 notwithstanding those daily butterfly kisses in that hair

128                 Blue butterflies nearly the size of Small Whites … were flitting swiftly around the shrubs [»Pieris rapae]

128                 the same bladder-senna … the big bold Blues [»Iolana iolas]

141                 There was a well-known microlepidopterist who … created such nomenclatorial items as Marykisme, »Adakisme, Ohkisme

158                 the newly described, fantastically rare vanessian, »Nymphalis danaus Nab.

158                 Monarch [»Danaus plexippus]

158                 Viceroy [»Basilarchia archippus]

170                 We remember the Camberwell Beauty [»Nymphalis antiopa]

222                 making collage-pictures of disparate butterfly wings

250                 timorous or impetuous »moths among which Ada … could not help recognizing many old "flutterfriends"

250                 Pale intruders … ceiling-bumpers … thick-set rake-hells with bushy antennae (»Saturnia pyri) … party-crashing »Hawk Moths

287-8             he broke his best black butterfly on the wheel of his exasperation

310                 a transparent white butterfly floated past [»Parnassius]

342                 two bogus houses, "Abencerrage" in Manhattan, "Zegris" in London [»Zegris butterfly]

360                 a typo on every page, such as the snide "bitterly" instead of "butterfly"

376                 tremendous »moths walked on all sixes up the window panes [»Saturnia pyri]

385                 the most noble animals in America, the Giant Skippers [»Megathyminae]

393                 a part-time model …  aptly nicknamed Swallowtail by the patrons of a Norfolk Broads floramor [»Papilio machaon britannicus]

400                Two huge common Peacock moths … a pair of the Pear Peacock in copula [»Saturnia pyri]

403-4             lusting for his babochka (Russian for "lepidopteron"). A passion, a sickness

404                all the known »Fritillaries, Greater and Lesser

404                »argynninarium

420                a rubbing of hindwings on the part of a settled lycaenid [»Lycaenidae]

436                 how passionately … art and science meet in an insect

436                 a Meadow Brown, female, in the center of the right panel [»Maniola jurtina]

436–7            a Tortoiseshell in the middle panel … Bosch evidently found a wing or two in the corner cobweb of his casement [»Aglais urticae]

449                a six-inch-long caterpillar, with fox-furred segments … itchy bright hairs [»Thaumetopoea]

492                "Theresa Zegris" [»Zegris butterfly]

500                 around which you flutter, my »Zegris butterfly

500–1            and to think, Spanish orange-tip [»Zegris butterfly]

510                 A dead and dry »hummingbird moth lay on the window ledge of the lavatory

524                 The last butterflies of 1905, indolent Peacocks [»Inachis io] and Red Admirables [»Vanessa atalanta], one Queen of Spain [»Issoria lathonia] and one Clouded Yellow [»Colias crocea] were making the most of the modest blossoms

528                 Paphia's "Hair and Beauty" Salon [»Argynnis paphia]

530                 "You have betrayed the Tree and the Moth!"

530                 "– et le phalène"

551                  a dark-blue Argus [»Plebejus argus], dearer to him than sapphires [»*Asterope sapphira] and »morphos

552                 the new Pfynwald road, to Sorcière, where seventeen years ago he had bought a house (now Villa Jolana) [»Iolana iolas]

558                 Ada's Argus [»Plebejus argus]

567                 Ada did not breed or collect butterflies any more, but throughout her healthy and active old age loved to film them in their natural surroundings

568                 the crucified actors (Identification Mounts)

589                 butterflies and »butterfly orchids in the margin of the romance

605                 Villa Jolana: named in honor of a butterfly, belonging to the subgenus Jolana, which breeds in the Pfynwald [»Iolana iolas]




"Kak ya lyublyu tebya" / "How I love you" (1934)

78–81            (A geometrid thus does not stir / spread flat on a lichened trunk [»Geometridae]

"Slava"/"Fame" (1942/1970)

105                 It is far to the meadows where I sobbed in my childhood / having missed an Apollo [»Parnassius]

"On Discovering a Butterfly" ("A Discovery") (1942)

155–6            I found it in a legendary land … [»Lysandra cormion]

"Lines Written in Oregon" (1953)

171–2             »Esmeralda! Now we rest

171                  Peacock moth on picnic table [»Antheraea polyphemus]

"The Ballad of Longwood Glen" (1957)

179                 They discovered some »inchworms




41                   the Denton mount of a bird-wing butterfly [»Troides]

90                   He noticed a large white butterfly drop outspread on a stone. Its papery wings, blotched with black and maculated with faded crimson, had transparent margins of an unpleasant crimped texture … vigorously sailed  away [»Parnassius apollo]

101                 which shone through the double kix [= obs. "the husk, sheath, or hard case of a chrysalis"]




3                     My pleasures are the most intense known to man: writing and butterfly hunting

5                     In my early boyhood all the notes I made on the butterflies I collected were in English … It published my first paper (on Crimean butterflies) [»Lep1]

6                     several scientific papers on the taxonomy of butterflies

9                     they viewed the crowds of butterflies imbibing moisture on brooksides

10                   I am interested in the classification, variation, evolution, structure, distribution, habits, of Lepidoptera … actually I am an expert in only a very small group of butterflies … my interest in butterflies is exclusively scientific

31                   "Place-name in the Orkneys: Papilio"

31                   "Marat collected butterflies"

40                   In the case of butterfly hunting I think I can distinguish four main elements …

41                   accusing me of being more interested in the subspecies and the subgenus than in the genus and the family 

60                   a few fairly fresh females of the very common Meadow Brown [»Maniola jurtina] … lazy old widows

60                   a sky-blue butterfly … once known as the Clifden Blue in England [»Polyommatus bellargus]

60                   Chapman's Blue [»Polyommatus thersites] and Mann's White [»Pieris mannii] … occur not far from here

60                   the ordinary Whites: the Small White [»Pieris rapae] and the Green-Veined White [»Pieris napi]

60                   this handsome worm will become next year a fat, ugly, drab-colored »moth

78                   My passion for lepidopterological research … is even more pleasurable than the study and practice of literature

79                   Lepidopterists are obscure scientists

79                   I have re-worked the classification of various groups of butterflies …

79                   the precision of poetry in taxonomic description

79                   There is no science without fancy, and no art without facts

90                   a figure of the butterfly »Driopa mnemosyne

93                   Nymphets are girl-children [»nymph]

96                   I happen to remember the essay by a young lady who attempted to find entomological symbols in my fiction

100                 It is not improbable that had there been no revolution in Russia, I would have devoted myself entirely to lepidopterology

110                 Summers I spend in the pursuit of Lepidoptera on flowery slopes and mountain screes

125                 she has driven me more than 150,000 miles all over North America – mainly on butterfly-hunting trips

132                 My Harvard experience consisted of seven blissful years (1941–1948) of entomological research

136                 my taxonomic papers on Lepidoptera … can be of interest to only a few specialists in certain groups of American butterflies

136                 an »aurelian's passion is not a particularly unusual sickness …

136                 The butterfly that lives forever on its type-labeled pin and in its O.D. ("original description") in a scientific journal dies a messy death in the fumes of the arty gush

136                 what I see first of all and above all is the Yellow-banded Ringlet settled with folded wings on the flower that those damned scythes are about to behead [»Erebia flavofasciata]

140                 Here is a disappointed lepidopterist's ditty …

143                 Items of one's past are apt to fade from exposure. They are like those richly pigmented butterflies and moths … The metallic blue of so-called structural wing scales is hardier

145                 new mountains explored in search of butterflies

153                 A useful purpose is assigned by science to animal mimicry, protective patterns ad shapes, yet their refinement transcends the crude purpose of mere survival

168                 I am still working, at my own pace, on an illustrated »Butterflies in Art work, from Egyptian antiquity to the Renaissance

168                 no matter how precise an Old Master's brush can be it cannot vie in artistic magic with some of the colored plates drawn by the illustrators of certain scientific works in the nineteenth century

168                 An Old Master did not know that in different species the venation is different and never bothered to examine its structure ... In high art and pure science detail is everything

168                 Among the many Old Masters who depicted butterflies ... were Hieronymous Bosch (1450–1516), Jan Brueghel (1568–1625), Albrecht Dürer (1471–1528), Paolo Porpora (1617–1673), Daniel Seghers (1590–1661) and many others

168                 That in some cases the butterfly symbolizes something (e.g., Psyche) lies utterly outside my area of interest

169                 My object is to identify such a picture if there are butterflies in it

169                 I tramped through the Vatican Museum in Rome and found only one butterfly, a »Zebra Swallowtail, in a quite conventional »Madonna and Child by Gentile, as realistic as though it were painted yesterday

169                 Curiously, the Red Admirable [»Vanessa atalanta] is the most popular; I've collected twenty examples

170                 a live Red Admirable being promenaded on a leash … Its coloring is quite splendid and I liked it very much in my youth … "The Butterfly of Doom"… The Red Admirable's ability to travel [»Vanessa atalanta]

178                 At the age of twelve my fondest dream was a visit to the Karakorum range in search of butterflies … Twenty-five years later I successfully sent myself … to explore, net in hand, the mountains of Central Asia

182                 a meadow with Scarce Heath butterflies in North Russia [»Coenonympha hero], another with Grinnell's Blue in Southern California [»Glaucopsyche lygdamus australis]

187                 "Nearctic Members of the »Genus Lycaeides" [»Lep14]

187                 Nabokov's Pug, a little American moth named after me [»Eupithecia nabokovi]

189                 since my early boyhood I have been tackling a multitude of German butterfly books with the aid of a dictionary

190                 I am the author and reviser of a number of species and subspecies mainly in the New World [»Section 1.1]

190                 Several butterflies and one moth have been named for me [»Section 1.2]

191                 a genus »Nabokovia Hemming

191                 The butterflies I have been collecting during the last decade … to be preserved, I hope, in the splendid entomological museum in Lausanne

192                 Alpine butterflies

198                 for the sole purpose of collecting Lepidoptera – all of which are now in three museums …

199                 The list of localities visited between 1940 and 1960 would cover many pages. Each butterfly, killed by an expert nip of its thorax … I have preserved hundreds of labels and notes. Here are just a few samples …

199                 various good spots in the Valais, the Tessin, the Grisons; to the hills of Italy; to the Mediterranean islands; to the mountains of southern France

200                 chiefly devoted to European and North American butterflies of high altitudes

200                 gently ascending in sitting profile along the flowery slope below, among dancing »Ringlets and skimming »Fritillaries

200                 As a youth of seventeen … I was seriously planning … a lepidopterological expedition to Central Asia

201                 on my butterfly hunts I always preferred hiking

201                 to drop in … on a familiar butterfly in his particular habitat

204                 a place where no lepidopterist has been before me

285                 a Catagramma-like insect [»Callicore]

285                 Red Admirable (but "Nymphalidae" is the family to which it belongs, not its genus, which is Vanessa …) [»Vanessa atalanta]

286                 I watching the »Hawk Moths above the water

306                 »Moths, not butterflies, are attracted to light

315–8             Lycaeides sublivens Nab. [»Plebejus idas sublivens]

315                 Lycaeides argyrognomon sublivens [»Plebejus idas sublivens] 

315                 argyrognomon Bergstr.=idas auct. [»Plebejus idas]

315                 anna Edw. [»Plebejus idas anna]

315                 scudderi Edw. [»Plebejus idas scudderi]

315                 aster Edw. [»Plebejus idas aster]

315                 Plebejus (Lycaeides) idas sublivens Nab. [»Plebejus idas sublivens]

315                 "Nabokov's Blue" [»Nabokov's Blue1]

316                 magdalena-snowi-centaureae zone [»Erebia magalena, »Lycaena cupreus snowi, »Pyrgus centaureae]

317                 »Broad-Tailed Hummingbird

317                 White-Striped Hawk Moth [»Hyles lineata]

317                 L. melissa (annetta Edw.) [»Plebejus melissa annetta]

317                 argyrognomon (idas) [»Plebejus idas]

317                 L. melissa annetta [»Plebejus melissa annetta]

319                 Lycaeides samuelis Nab. [»Plebejus samuelis]

319                 Lycaeides argyrognomon [idas] [»Plebejus idas]

319                 L. melissa [»Plebejus melissa]

319                 "Nearctic »Lycaeides"

319                 the genus »Brephidium

319                 »Hemiargus

320                 »Plebejinae, Neotropical

320                 »Hemiargus (sensu latu)

320                 »Lycaeides

320                 supergenus »Plebejus [»Lycaenidae]

320                 »Brephidium

320                 »Lycaena

320                 Plebejus ceraunus [»Hemiargus ceraunus]

320                 Plebejus isola [»Echinargus isola]

320                 Plebejus thomasi [»Cyclargus thomasi]

320                 »Plebejus idas

320                 »Plebejus melissa

320                 Plebejus aquilo [»Agriades glandon]

320                 »Plebejus saepiolus

320                 lygdamus [»Glaucopsyche lygdamus]

320                 battoides [»Euphilotes battoides]

320                 piasus [»Glaucopsyche piasus]

320                 »Scolitantides

323                 S. secreta dos Passos & Grey [»Speyeria egleis secreta]

323                 »Speyeria egleis Behr

323                 S. atlantis hesperis Edw. [»Speyeria atlantis hesperis]

323                 S. hydaspe purpurascens H.Edw. [»Speyeria hydaspe purpurascens]

323                 »Erebia theano ethela Edw.

323                 E. callias callias Edw. [»Erebia callias callias]

323                 »Boloria

323                 »Colias

323                 certain »Blues

323                 B. selene tollandensis B & McD. [»Clossiana selene tollandensis]

323                 B. eunomia alticola B & McD. [»Proclossiana eunomia alticola]

324                 B. titania Esp. [»Clossiana titania]

324                 ssp. helena Edw. [»Clossiana titania helena]

324                 B. freija Thunb. [»Clossiana freija]

324                 B. frigga sagata B. & Benj. [»Clossiana frigga sagata]

324                 B. toddi Holland ssp. [»Clossiana bellona toddi]

324                 »Plebejus saepiolus Boisd.

324                 Polites utahensis Skin. [»Polites sonora utahensis]

324                 B. kriemhild Strecker [»Clossiana kriemhild]

324                 »Colias

324                 C. scudderi Reakirt, which I suggest should be classified as C. palaeno scudderi (Reakirt) [»Colias scudderi]

324                 C. pelidne skinneri Barnes [»Colias pelidne skinneri]

324                 C. scudderi [»Colias scudderi]

324                 C. skinneri [»Colias pelidne skinneri]

324                 C. meadi Edw. [»Colias meadi]

324                 Lycaena snowi Edw. [»Lycaena cupreus snowi]

325                 »Colias meadi

325                 Pargus centaureae freija Warren [»Pyrgus centaureae freija]

325                 C. hecla "pallida" [»Colias hecla]

325                 »Lycaeides

325                 L. argyrognomon (idas) longinus Nab. [»Plebejus idas longinus]

325                 L. argyrognomon (idas) scudderi Edw. [»Plebejus idas scudderi]

325                 L. melissa [»Plebejus melissa]

325                 »Plebeius saepiolus

325                 L. longinus [»Plebejus idas longinus]

326                 L. melissa [»Plebejus melissa]

326                 L. melissa melissa [»Plebejus melissa]

326                 »Blue

326                 Plebeius (Icaricia) shasta Edw. [»Aricia shasta]

326                 »Phyciodes mylitta barnesi Skinner

326                 »Satyrium fuliginosa Edw.

326                 »Neominois ridingsi Edw.

326                 P. shasta [»Aricia shasta]

326                 P. minnehaha Scudder [»Aricia shasta minnehaha]

326                 Plebeius [»Plebejus]

326                 »Colias

326                 four erratically swarming »Nymphalis species

326                 N. californica Boisd. [»Nymphalis californica]

327                 N. j-album Boisd. & Lec. [»Nymphalis vau-album j-album]

327                 »Vanessa cardui

327                 »Euptoieta claudia Cramer

327                 »Leptotes marina Reakirt

327                 »Apodemia mormo Felder

327                 "Hemiargus" (Echinargus) isola Reakirt [»Echinargus isola]

327                 A. mormo [»Apodemia mormo]

327                 E. isola [»Echinargus isola]

327                 my Echinargus [»Echinargus]

327                 E. martha Dognin [»Echinargus martha]

327                 Graphium marcellus Cramer [»Eurytides marcellus]

327                 »"Strymon" melinus Hübner

327                 »Pyrgus communis Grote

327                 »Epargyreus clarus Cramer

328                 H. isola [»Lycaenidae, »Echinargus isola]

328                 Among the migratory pierids [»Pieridae]

328                 »Nathalis iole Boisd.

328                 Phoebis eubule L. [»Phoebis sennae eubule]

328                 »Eurema mexicana Boisd .

329                 "Luna Moth" [»Actias luna]

329                 not a »Hamaeris but a distorted »Zerynthia

329–30          "Cabbage" … should be "Bath White" [»Pontia daplidice]

329–30          »"Milller" … should be "Witch"

330                 Painted Lady [»Vanessa cardui]

330                 the body of an African ally of the Monarch [»Danaus plexippus]

331                 »Hofmann

331                 Lionel C. »Higgins

331                 Norman D. »Riley

331                 Eversmann's Orange Tip [»Microzegris pyrothoe]

331                 Edda Ringlet [»Erebia edda]

331                 the Twin-spot Fritillary [»Smerinthus jamaicensis]

331                 Idas Blue [»Plebejus idas]

331                 Nogell's Hairstreak [»Tomares nogelii]

332                 the Norfolk race of the Swallowtail [»Papilio machaon britannicus]

332                 Wolfensberger's and Thor's Fritillaries [»Hypodryas intermedia wolfensbergeri, »Clossiana thore]

332                 I regret that the dreadful nickname "Admiral" is used instead of the old "Admirable" [»Admirable]

332                 good judgment in re-attaching Rebel's Blue [»Maculinea rebeli] to Alcon [»Maculinea alcon]

332                 tying up the Bryony White [»Pieris bryoniae] with the Green-veined White [»Pieris napi]

332                 Whites [»white [butterfly])

332                 Forster's Furry [»Polyommatus ainsae, »Introduction: The Species Concept]

332                 Furry Blue [»Polyommatus dolus]

333                 »Scolitantides

333                 Green-underside Blue [»Glaucopsyche alexis]

333                 Chequered Blue [»Scolitantides orion]

333                 »Plebejus

333                 Grass Jewel [»Chilades trochylus]

333                 Eros Blue [»Polyommatus eros]

333                 »"Boloria graeca balcanica f. tendensis", which is actually Boloria graeca tendensis Higgins

333                 the Shepherd's and the Mountain Fritillaries [»Boloria pales, »Boloria napaea]

334                 the bright female of the Northern Wall Brown [»Lasiommata petropolitana]

334                 Poplar Admirable [»Limenitis populi]

334                 The red-stained Corsican Swallowtail [»Papilio hospiton]

334                 the »Heaths

334                 some »Ringlets

334                 in the »Clossiana hind-wing undersides the compact jagged rhythm of the Polar Fritillary's [»Clossiana polaris] markings, which intensifies and unifies the Freya scheme [»Clossiana freija]

334                 the affinity with Frigga that dimly transpires through [»Clossiana frigga] the design of the Dusky-winged [»Clossiana improba]

334                 the garlands of pattern and the violet tones as connecting the Arctic Fritillary with Titania [»Clossiana titania], and the latter with Dia [»Clossiana dia]

334                 »Atlas White

334                 Fatma Blue [»Philotes bavius fatma]

334                 Chapman's Hairstreak [»Callophrys avis]

334                 the enchanting »Blues on Pl. 57




vii                   precluded the presence of good butterflies

ix                    some remarkably skittish individuals of a little-known Wood Nymph [»Cyllopsis pertepida dorothea]

x                     the Inyo Blue and other nice bugs [»Plebejus melissa inyoensis]

xii                   the specimens of Chapman's Hairstreak I had taken [»Callophrys avis]

8, passim      Nymphet [»nymph]

81                   A butterfly passes in shorebound flight. charlotte   Can butterflies swim?

127                 The radiator grill is plastered with dead butterflies

128                 The Butterfly Hunter. His name is Vladimir Nabokov.

128                 A »fritillary settles with outspread wings on a tall flower

169                 Elphinestone [»Elphinstone]

*176               [typescript at the Berg Collection] a »Swallowtail butterfly pinned alive to the wall above a card with nature study in block letters [at the office of Camp Q]




8–9                 "Look at the »harlequins!" [»Abraxas grossulariatus]

30                   Kanner, the great pianist and butterfly hunter

34                   Speckled butterflies came and went like quick sun flecks [»Pararge aegeria]

34                   once a tremendous olive-green fellow, with a rosy flush somewhere beneath, settled on a thistlehead for an instant [»Hyles galii]

34                   do not care for the fluffier night-flying ones

35                   Kanner dismissed it as eine "Pandora" …, a common southern Falter (butterfly) [»Pandoriana pandora]

35–6              shook out of it very gently a folded butterfly onto the palm of his hand … a tiny, very young Cabbage White … its nearest allies, the Small White [»Pieris rapae] and Mann's White [»Pieris mannii] … Ergo it is an Ergane [»Pieris ergane]

36                   One of the legs of the reclining butterfly twitches… "All that butterfly business is only a publicity stunt."

67                   Paon d'Or … "Pandora" [»Pandoriana pandora]

67                   it displayed four »Morpho butterflies, two huge ones similar in harsh sheen but differently shaped, and two smaller ones beneath them, the left of a sweeter blue with white stripes and the right gleaming like silvery satin

108                 pinned down to whirl on the pin like a wingless fly. Or butterfly.

108–9            "Look at that »harlequin" … a flat, symmetrically outspread butterfly … painted a smiling red with yellow intervals between black blotches … a most ordinary nettlefly [»Aglais urticae]

156                 a sedate Bellargus [»Polyommatus bellargus] sedan of a celestial blue that Bel was to compare with that of a »Morpho

171                 Boulderfield and its Black Butterfly [»Erebia magdalena]

225                 Ozimaya Sovka ("Lesser Winter-Crop Owl"?) [»Agrotis segetum]

226                 A yellow butterfly settled briefly on a clover head, then wheeled away in the wind. "Metamorphoza"


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