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Butterflies and Moths in Nabokov's Published Writings

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Part 3: 1979-1999

This index does not include the butterflies and moths in Nabokov's strictly technical papers. The arrows [»] are hyperlinks to the corresponding entry in the alphabetical sections or to the biographical page. All stories are in this part, under »STORIES (1995).




297                 "I will die … with a heavenly butterfly in my net / on the summit of (some) wild hill"


"MEMOIR: ON REVISITING FATHER'S ROOM", by Dmitri Nabokov (London: Encounter, October 1979, pp. 77-82)

77                   Often my parents and I would look into that miniature magic world [of Grammont, the mountain opposite of Montreux on Lake Geneva] and plan to take the tempting road that switchbacks up to the left sub-peak and curls into the meadows and hamlets of the alpine valley beyond, ... to see what butterflies were available ... We never did go

77                   But here [on Nabokov's writing lectern], propped against the desk's rear parapet, is the unframed, faded, and dusty reproduction of Fra Beato Angelico's L'Annunziazone, ... with the rigid angel making his announcement on one knee. And, pencilled underneath in Father's minute, meticulous hand, referring to the angel's stylised rainbow wings: "A recollection of »Iphiclides podalirius with a slight dash of »Papilio machaon and perhaps a hint of the day-flying moth Panaxia quadripunctaria [»Euplagia quadripunctaria]. The two blackisch stripes on each 'wing' correspond to the pattern of I. podalirius in the natural position of rest *See Portman, Animal Forms, p. 110, NY 1967." [»Butterflies in Art]

77                   For years he had longed to do that never-to-be book on »butterflies in art

77-78             Discovering a perfect »Vanessa atalanta concealed in a Brueghel bush thrilled him almost as much as discovering a rare mutant on the wing [»Butterflies in Art]

78                   Here is an American dictionary with the national eagle on its olive-brown cover transformed into a magnificent furry »hawk-moth

78                   There are boxes of notes, too, for the butterflies-in-painting book, and sketches of lepidoptera organs for scientific study [»Butterflies in Art]

80                   He had a rich supply of [special observations and fleeting thoughts], carded away for future use, like unspread butterflies in opaque envelopes

80-81             The word "rural," or, better yet, its Russian equivalent derevenskoye, connotes to me (who, by choice, have never been to Russia): fields of grain, sudden patches of wild weed inside a copse, spirals of cow dung, a dirt road with a succession of puddles and damp patches over which blue butterflies must hover

82                   [During DN's penultimate visit to Nabokov's bedside in a Lausanne hospital] Tears suddenly welled in Father's eyes. I asked him why. He replied that a certain butterfly was already on the wing; and his eyes told me he no longer hoped he would live to pursue it again


THE NABOKOV-WILSON LETTERS 1940-1971 (1979/2001)


#45=38old        I managed to get into Harvard with a butterfly as my sole backer. I am catching a good deal of them here, chiefly »moths … the noblest sport in the world

#59=49old        Lycaeides anna Edw. [»Plebejus idas anna]

#59=49old        L. argyrognomon Bergstr. [»Plebejus idas]

#59=49old        cleobis Brem. [»Plebejus subsolanus]

#59=49old        Lycaeides melissa Edw. [»Plebejus melissa]

#57=47old        the poem… sorting out some butterflies … not the one referred to here in the poem] which is in New York and which I visited too [»Lysandra cormion]

#76=64old        Purple Emperor [»Apatura iris]

#76=64old        Emperor moth [»Saturnia pavonia]

#66=55old        everes comyntas [»Everes comyntas]

#67=56old        lotis [»Plebejus idas lotis]

#67=56old        scudderi [»Plebejus idas scudderi]

#67=56old        melissa [»Plebejus melissa]

#69=58old        »Cercyonis behri Grin.

#69=58old        Caleophrys sheridani Edw. [»Callophrys sheridanii]

#69=58old        Smerinthus [»Smerinthus jamaicensis]

#69=58old        Sphyngid (»hawk moth)

#69=58old        jamaicensis [»Smerinthus jamaicensis]

#69=58old        [... whether butterflies grow ... ] [»nymph]

#78=66old        »Lycaeides

#85=72old        Having sulkily pulled it [= Bend Sinister] out from under my butterfly manuscripts I discovered two things, first that it was good, and second that the beginning some twenty pages at least could be typed and submitted

#85=72old       An obscure paper on some obscure butterflies in an obscure scientific journal is another sample of Nabokoviana which will soon be in your hands

#85=72old        Papilio bunnyi [Bunny's butterfly}

#90=77old        »Lycaenidae

#90=77old        Lycaeides scudderi lotis [»Plebejus idas lotis]

#95=82old        »Lycaeides

#100                  a specimen from Havilah, Kern Co, Calif [»Plebejus emigdionis]

#101                  flutterbys

#102=87old      »Lycaeides

#127=106old     Aricia psilorita [»Polyommatus psylorita]

#138=110old     »vandeleuri

#138=110old     »Luperina berylae Vand.

#142=113old      A. luna [»Actias luna]

#142=113old      »Heterocera [»Introduction: Basic Subdivisions]

#142=113old      »Rhopalocera [»Introduction: Basic Subdivisions]

#144=114old      »Cyclargus erembis

#182=147old      L. bachmanni [»Libytheana bachmanii]

#185=150old      my huge butterfly work [on »Lycaeides]

#198=163old      a butterfly which I have describes, named, fondled - but never actualla taken myself

                             at Teton National Forest, Wyoming [»Plebejus idas longinus]

#226=186old      photographs of me catching butterflies, and of rare butterflies on

                             flowers and mud

#231=191old      a butterfly I had described from eight males [»Plebejus idas sublivens]

#231=191old      humming moths [»hummingbird moths, »Macroglossum stellatarum]

#286=237old      Lycaeides samuelis Nabokov [»Plebejus samuelis]




5                     From the simple deception of propagation to the prodigiously sophisticated illusion of protective colors in butterflies or birds, there is in Nature a marvelous system of spells and wiles. The writer of fiction only follows Nature's lead.

374                There is a species of butterfly on the hindwing of which a large eyespot imitates a drop of liquid with such uncanny perfection that a line which crosses the wing is slightly displaced at the exact stretch where it passes through – or better say under – the spot [»Cerura vinula, »Brassolini, »Portschinsky]


SELECTED LETTERS 1940–1977 (1989)


19                   Incidentally, I am not particularly interested in the butterflies of that department – Var

21                   She [Maria Pavlovna] once collected butterflies in some wild spot with »Avinoff

33                   catch American butterflies

40                   a huge scientific paper about certain American butterflies I have discovered

41                    I got a butterfly here [Vermont] which has never been recorded yet from the state: »Colias interior Scudder

51                    a thing I call vetch on which melissa breeds and the species of lupine – the food plant of annetta Melissa … Annetta … [»Plebejus melissa, »Plebejus melissa annetta]

55                   Prof. William T.M. »Forbes

55                   these excellent little lycaenids (faga, ramon, some hanno specimens) [»Nabokovia faga, »Hemiargus ramon, »Hemiargus hanno]

55                   the mollicularia specimen [»Metarranthis mollicularia]

55                   Itylos (sensu stricto) Koa Druce, 2 m, 2 f [»Itylos]

55                   »Lycaena endymion Blanchard (forma chilensis Blanchard)

55                   »Pseudolucia collina Philippi

55                   Pseudothecla faga Dognin, 4 m, (one labeled "excisicosta") [»Nabokovia faga]

55                   »Echinargus martha Dognin

55                   Hemiargus ramon Dognin [»Hemiargus ramon]

55                   Hemiargus hanno Stoll [»Hemiargus hanno]

56                   the Lycaena martha of Dognin [»Echinargus martha]

56                   »Echinargus isola

56                   »Echinargus n.sp.

56                   the »Lycaeides forms

58–9               sliding cases of butterflies. I am the custodian of these absolutely fabulous collections. We have butterflies from all over the world … this retreat into entomology

59                   airplanes, to him [Dmitri Nabokov], are what butterflies are to me

61                    He did invent a radically new paradigm for the classification of an entire group of »Blues

64                   Most of my time … is taken up by scientific papers on butterflies

80                   Prof. William T.M. »Forbes

93–4               the butterfly wings in the third panel of the Bosch tryptich … can be at once determined as belonging to a female specimen of the common European species now known as »Maniola jurtina

102                 Dear »Bequaert

102                 winding up my lepidopterological affairs

102                 Dr. »McDunnough

102                 I am responsible for the arrangement of the Nearctic butterflies… was never officially curator of the Lepidoptera

102                 »Barbour's sympathy

102                 certain lycaenids [»Lycaenidae]

102                 the »Lycaeides (the "scudderi-melissa" group)

103                 the Frank »Chermock batch

103                 Some lycaenids occurring in North America [»Lycaenidae]

103                 Neotropical »Plebejinae

103                 »Scudder's Lycaenidae specimens

103                 »Avinov, Carnegie Museum

103                 »Phoebis argante race from Cuba

103                 Franklin »Chermock

103                 Colias occidentalis Scud. [»Pontia occidentalis]

103                 W.P. »Comstock, A.M.N.H.

103                 »Anea

103                 »Heliconius charithonius

103                 R.M. »Fox, Carnegie Museum

103                 about 1900 specimens of »Ithomine

103                 A.B. »Klots, College of the City of New York

103                 Boloria freija [»Clossiana freija]

103                 I have given to the MCZ all the abundant lepidopterological material … that I collected in 1943 and 1947 in Utah and Colorado besides a smaller collection I made in various Eastern localities

104                 »Stallings, »Grey, »Eff

104                 The sentence about the ironically appropriate butterflies is too silly for words

104–5            "moth" should not be capitalized

113                 a photographer from LIFE combined with my knowledge of butterflies and their ways would make a simply ideal team

113                 the few showy ones that occur throughout the eastern states (the Monarch [»Danaus plexippus], two or three »Swallowtails, Admirals [»Vanessa atalanta] have been pictured ad nauseam

113                 There is one little thing, a perfect jewel (and one of the rarest butterflies in the world) of which only thirty or forty specimens have been taken since it was turned up by Edwards' Negro gardener almost a hundred years ago; at the present time two or three collectors know of a locality for it in Vermont, in early May – but the exact place is a secret [»Erora laeta]

113                 A very local blue butterfly which I have named myself [»Plebejus samuelis]

113                 The only eastern butterfly that combines marvelous beauty with comparative rarity … is a large Fritillary [»Speyeria diana]

114                 I would dearly want to have photographs taken of a charming middle-size butterfly that I discovered and named ten years ago in the Grand Canyon [»Cyllopsis pertepida dorothea]

114–5             very photogenic butterflies … what LIFE would decide to spend on the project

118                 "Speak, Mnemosyne!" (this one is my favorite) [»Driopa mnemosyne]

119                 let me review »Klots' book on butterflies

122                 in specific search of a butterfly that I myself had described [»Plebejus idas sublivens]

134                 the question of mimicry is one that has passionately interested him all his life

136                 From eight a.m. to noon, or later, I collect butterflies

139                 The passion for butterflies has turned into a real mania this year

150                 There are… some admirable canyons where most interesting butterflies occur

186                 a book on butterflies appeals to me tremendously … I think I could achieve a perfect blend of science, art and entertainment

187                 pondering the butterfly book

189                 devoted many years to entomological research … would need to examine certain collections

199                 a »skipper and a lycaenid [»Lycaenidae]

199                 ("shasta comstocki" is by the way »Icaricia Nabokov, 1944)

199                 John Henry »Comstock

199                 Dr. John A. »Comstock

214                 Taos … headquarters when collecting butterflies in the N. Mexico mountains

215                 the »Comstock of California … the Cornell »Comstock

239                 one of which is pleasingly called by lepidopterists "Nabokov's Wood Nymph" [»Cyllopsis pertepida dorothea]

239                 I annually attempt to identify the »noctuid »moth that circles around a lamp in the brothel scene of Joyce's "Ulysses"

239                 there are three butterflies in "Madame Bovary", black, yellow, and white, respectively

257                 Not only did he [Poe] not visualize the death's-head moth, but he was also under the completely erroneous impression that it occurs in America [»Acherontia atropos]

284                 I like the two colored butterflies on the jacket but they have the body of ants … I would be the laughing stock of my entomological colleagues

284–5            a common »Cabbage White butterfly (whereas the insect in my poem is clearly described as belonging to a group of small butterflies with dotted undersides) [»Lysandra cormion]

285                 Not to have any butterflies … different pattern

287                 The title-page butterfly is now charming … The binding-design »Swallowtail lacks antennae

287                 (two popular European insects, the »Galatea Marbled White and the »Machaon Swallowtail)

288                 near Flagstaff, where I am collecting butterflies

290                 this canyon in Arizona where my wife and I are collecting butterflies

294                 getting some wonderful butterflies here

297                 the butterfly, as finally evolved, is right lepidopterologically

327                 Hessel's Hairstreak [»Mitoura hesseli] … or Aaron's Skipper [»Poanes aaroni]

331                 Vladimir misses the States very much … including the American Lepidoptera

339                 BBC … televised interview … Zermatt… all the time shooting pictures of V. catching butterflies

359                 I find it unseemly to speak of … the butterflies bearing my name

360–1            the British Museum has … about 50% of Vladimir's butterfly list … if you still intend to go on with the project

367                 sending me a copy of your Our Butterflies and Moths … Mr. »Howe … As an illustrator of Lepidoptera

368                 in the settled butterflies the position of the legs in profile is not always correct

368                 preponderance of common, showy species

368                 He cannot be expected to chase »Papilio glaucus for very long

368                 any of the »Colias, »Boloria and »Plebeius

368                 old Dr. »Holland was a notorious offender

368                 an illustrated monograph on »Polygonia or on the various races of »Papilio indra

384                 The only symbol a broken butterfly is of is a broken butterfly

384                 that particular peacock butterfly [»Inachis io]

400                Passio et morbo aureliana

400                »Papilio waterclosetensis

407                 A great number of Asian specimens of various forms of »Lycaeides are preserved in English, German, and Japanese museums

407                 Although a genus (Nabokovia Hemming) and several new species (e.g., Eupithecia nabokovi McDunnough) do bear my name, no »Lycaeides species or subspecies happens to be named after me … e.g., L.sublivens Nabokov) [»Eupithecia nabokovi and »Nabokovia, »Plebejus idas sublivens]

408                 Lepidoptera, a tricky subject

408                my »Blues

410                 I protest vehemently against the lycaenization of my common use of the epithet »"blue" [»Lycaenidae]

410                 Miss »Phalenphalène means moth in French

410                 to smuggle in a »pierid of the Southern States and a European »moth

410                 I do not see the colors of Lepidoptera as I do those of less familiar things

410–1             if I use "morpho blue" I am thinking not of one of the many species of variously blue »Morpho butterflies

411                 When a lepidopterist uses »"Blues", a slangy but handy term

413                 »Pisky

413                 phalène, moth [»Phalen]

413                 I can glean only eleven lep references in LOLITA

413                 Falter (German for "butterfly")

413                 Humbert's complete incapacity to differentiate between Rhopalocera and Heterocera [»Introduction: Basic Subdivisions]

413                 »"millers"

414                 Pronuba … "Yucca Moth" [»Tegeticula yuccasella]

414                 not birds but »Hawk Moths

414                 »Callophrys avis

414                 Butterflies are indeed inquisitive

414                 "Schmetterling" (German "butterfly")

414                 Moths like derelict snowflakes

414                 Under the sign of the »Tigermoth (an Arctid)

414                 Footnote to lycaeides sublivens Nabokov [»Plebejus idas sublivens]

414                 »Lycaeides »Plebejus

414                 »Plebejinae

414                 argyrognomon … idas … [»Plebejus idas]

436                 Those two meleagers (?) [»Polyommatus daphnis]

436                 the white-and-black mnemosyne of the Weidenfeld jacket [»Driopa mnemosyne]

437                 daphnis by Schiffermüller [»Polyommatus daphnis]

437                 meleager by Esper [»Polyommatus daphnis]

438                 called cormion by me, and belongs structurally to the subgenus called Lysandra by »Hemming [»Lysandra cormion]

462                 liked best Tukio Tabuchi The Alpine Butterflies of Japan

463                 the Puss Moth caterpillar is all wrong [»Cerura vinula]

468                 like shimmering little light-blue mirrors – »Morpho butterflies flying above the trees

469                 family »Nymphalidae, not "genus"

473                 We are distinguished by wings of black hue … (»Nymphalis antiopa]

473                 Dr. »Higgins

473                 the Twinspot Fritillary's map [»Brenthis hecate]

473–4            his [Mr. Hardgreaves'] drawing of »Ringlets

474                 »E[rebia] pluto

474                 Norfolk Swallowtail [»Papilio machaon britannicus]

474                 »Verity

476                 this wonderful occasion to do some butterfly hunting [in Israel]

478                 your country's [Israel] spring buterflies

480                 before I am too decrepit to chase butterflies

480                 Barcant's Butterflies of Trinidad and Tobago

481                 P barcanti should be P. barcanti Tite, not "P barcanti sp. nov". [»Pachythone barcanti]

481                 N. maravalica should be N. maravalica Seitz, not "N. maravalica sp. nov". [»Nymphidium maravalica]

481                 I continue to be distressed by the illiterate vogue of omitting the names of genus-describers

481                 »Echinargus Nabokov to which I assigned huntingtoni

481                 implying … that »Linnaeus is the author not only of the species iphicla but of the genus Adelpha [»Adelpha, »Adelpha iphicla]

484                 the type locality of the butterfly described as »aurelia by Nickerl in 1850 is "Böhmen"… [parthenie Borkhausen 1788] [»Mellicta aurelia]

500                 William D. »Field

500                 V. atalanta … [»Vanessa atalanta]

500                 your Catalogue of New World »Lycaenidae

500–1             two specific names in »Lycaeides L[ycaeides] argyrognomon … L[ycaeides] idas … L[ycaeides] ismenias… [»Plebejus argyrognomon, »Plebejus idas]

501                 arrived at the conclusion that my »L[ycaeides] melissa samuelis should be treated as a distinct species [»Plebejus melissa]

501                 Lycaeides samuelis Nabokov … beyond Pnin's and Château's ken [»Plebejus samuelis]

503                 the Death's Head Moth of mistranslation [»Acherontia atropos]

508                 The only two kinds of "butterfly books" that I could contemplate writing … a learned work … on … European butterflies … the evolution of butterfly painting

516                 (in case a … dancing butterfly leads me over the brink of a precipice)

532                 the notebook (with butterflies)

547                 the so-called "Karner Blue" illustrating Bayard Webster's note on insects needing protection (N.Y. Times, March 21 [1975]) is a butterfly I classified myself. It is known as Lycaeides melissa samuelis Nabokov or more properly Lycaeides samuelis Nabokov [»Plebejus samuelis]

549                 The story of Lycaeides samuelis Nabokov, … which I separated in 1943 … from the W. American race of another species, now known as »Lycaeides idas scudderi Edwards … When thirty years ago I attempted to classify samuelis, I regarded it as a subspecies of melissa Edw. on the basis of the length of its falx but now I know better [»Plebejus samuelis]

550                 Lycaeides samuelis Nabokov … is precisely the butterfly which settles on damp sand at the feet of Pnin and Chateau [»Plebejus samuelis]

552                 For more than a month I hunted butterflies around Davos

559                 thrilled by those first American butterflies

561                 The Butterflies of North America by »Howe … in marvelous color

562                 opalescent »morphos and so on




"Sounds" (1923/1995)

20                   Butterflies floated above the unmowed scabious flowers

"Gods" (1923/1995)

46-7               Butterfly, butterfly! Black with scarlet bands … A scrap of velvet … It swoops above the asphalt … Another, identical butterfly … Lesbia … entranced by the palpitating wings [»Vanessa atalanta]

"La Veneziana" (1924/1995)

90                   glinted behind his pince-nez like limp light-blue butterflies

"Christmas" (1924/1976)

132                 deftly plucking off with his net a butterfly that had settled on a railing

133                 having babbled about … some great Oriental moth [»Attacus atlas]

134                 an English biscuit tin that contained a large exotic cocoon which had cost three rubles [»Attacus atlas]

134                 even files of specimens

134                 those spectacular »Swallowtails, those dazzling »Coppers and »Blues, and the various »Fritillaries, some mounted in a supine position to display the mother-of-pearl undersides

134                 the moths, the moths, the first Aspen Hawk of five summers ago

135                 the biscuit tin with the pear-shaped cocoon [»Laothoe amurensis]

135                 names of captured butterflies

135                 a fresh specimen of the Camberwell Beauty [»Nymphalis antiopa]

136                 the muslin of the butterfly net

136                 a black, wrinkled creature the size of a mouse … It became a winged thing imperceptibly … a great Attacus moth like those that fly, birdlike, around the lamps in the Indian dusk [»Attacus atlas]

"The Aurelian" (1930/1958)

244                »Aurelian

244                a butterfly store

244                Eyed wings wide open in wonder, shimmering blue satin, black magic [»Morpho]

246                such dreamers as used to be called in the old days 'Aurelians' – perhaps on account of those chrysalids, those 'jewels of nature'

247                 when … butterflies had begun to oust the stuffed birds of paradise

247                 the biography of the silk-worm [»Bombyx mori]

247                 showy insects, popular stars among butterflies

247                 perfect specimens impeccably spread and labeled

247                 loaded brown pupæ

247                 yielded a limp, bedraggled, miraculously expanding »moth

248                 Dr. »Rebel, of Vienna

248                 »Agrotis pilgrami

248                 a large turquoise-green caterpillar with a china-blue horn on the last ring [»Mimas tiliae]

248                 the rarest butterflies of distant countries

248                 the furious throbbing of wings through a clutched fold of the gauze

248                 exotic Lepidoptera

248                 the late Dr. »Staudinger

249                 "»Eisner got one like that at an auction in London" ... "And Eisner's female was not so fresh"

249                 the native collectors of Father »Dejean … how enviable was thy lot!

249–50          the famous sites dear to butterfly collectors

250                 a whitish »moth had dashed in

250                 a weird local race of the »cabbage white

250                 the swat and dusky Corsican swallowtail [»Papilio hospiton]

250                 the arctic bogs that produced such delicate downy butterflies

250                 a plump sleepy »moth of a still undescribed species

250                 glazed Apollo butterflies [»Parnassius]

250                 an oleander hawk … its wings vibrating so rapidly that nothing but a ghostly nimbus was visible about its streamlined body [»Daphnis nerii]

250                 the loftily flapping Brazilian »morphos

250                 those crowds of African butterflies closely stuck like innumerable fancy flags into the rich black mud and rising in a coloured crowd

251                 those small »clear-wing moths that mimick wasps or mosquitoes

251                 the extravagant brilliancy of an iridiscent green insect with many tails … Madagascar [»*Chrysiridia riphearia]

251                 those tiny vitreous creatures with bright orange feet and belted bodies [»clear-wing moths]

251                 »uralensis

252                 his new existence, where only butterflies mattered

254                 velvety black butterflies soaring over the jungles

254                 a tiny »moth in Tasmania

254                 that Chinese 'skipper' said to smell of crushed roses when alive [»skipper: *Capila pieridoides chinensis]

254                 the short-clubbed beauty that a Mr. »Baron had just discovered in Mexico [»*Baronia brevicornis]

"Terra incognita" (1931/1973)

294                 Gregson … continued catching butterflies and Diptera as ever

295                 a gigantic »swallowtail, with a flap of its satin wing, sailed away

"Perfection" (1932/1975)

340                 geometrid moths, matching the bark in coloration, flew off the tree trunks [»Geometridae]

"Spring in Fialta" (1936/1958)

423–4           till he reached that coveted corner of the frame where rested a compact furry »moth, which he deftly slipped into a pillbox

"Cloud, Castle, Lake" (1937/1958)

430                 A »moth dashed about the ceiling

"Mademoiselle O" (1936/1958)

482                Coming from nowhere, a comma butterfly settled on the threshold, basked in the sun with its angular fulvous wings spread, suddenly closed them just to show the initial chalked on their underside, and as suddenly darted away [»anglewing, »*Hesperia comma]

"First Love" (1948)

603                 pale »moths revolved about a lone lamp

604                At a tremendous pace a stray golden-orange butterfly came dashing across the palpitating plage [»Colias crocea]

604                that "butterfly" in the Basque language is misericoletea (actually it is tximeleta)

605                surpassed my passion for butterflies

606                I stuffed a folding butterfly net into a brown paper bag 


ON 'CONCLUSIVE EVIDENCE' (1950/1998) New Yorker, 28 December 1998 (page numbers of Nabokov's Butterflies, 2000)


457                 through the thin sheath of a chrysalis one can see ... a miniature revelation of the butterfly that will soon emerge

457                 he is known as a somewhat eccentric taxonomist

457                 relating to new species or forms of butterflies

457                 other entomologists have named butterflies and moths after him

458                 I was shown several tiny moths which Nabokov discovered

458                 One of these »McDunnough has named »Eupithecia nabokovi

13                   his tribulations while collecting butterflies in Europe [this page number refers to the   LoC typescript]


THE BUTTERFLIES OF EUROPE (BE) Notes for a book project (September 1963-August 1965), published in Nabokov's Butterflies, ed. Brian Boyd and Robert Michael Pyle, p.569-612


571 (BE)         P. machaon sphyrus [»Papilio machaon sphyrus]

572 (BE)         machaon machaon [»Papilio machaon machaon]

572 (BE)         »Erebia (simplicia) flavofasciata thiemei

573 (BE)         Papilio (Papilio) machaon machaon L. [»Papilio machaon machaon]

575 (BE)         Plebejus Lycaeides idas bellieri [»Plebejus idas bellieri]

575 (BE)         It matters little whether we place »Danaus or »Charaxes (with »Apatura) or »Satyrus in separate families or arrange them as subfamilies within »Nymphalidae. The same in regard to »"Riodinidae" or "Riodininae in »Lycaenidae"

575 (BE)         »Cupido includes Cupido and »Everes

577 (BE)         five »Plebejus (or »Plebejina) species occur (say, P. argus, P. idas, P. icarus, P. bellargus, and P. arstrache) [»Plebejus argus, »Plebejus idas, »Polyommatus icarus, »Polyommatus bellargus, »Aricia agestis]

577 (BE)         »Charcharodus = Charcharodus + »Reverdinus + »Lavatheria and »Pyrgus = Pyrgus (t. malvae) + »Scelotrix (t. sidae) + »Ateleomorpha (t. onopordi)

578 (BE)         machaon britannicus [»Papilio machaon britannicus]

578 (BE)         machaon gorganus or machaon machaon [»Papilio machaon gorganus, »Papilio machaon machaon]

578 (BE)         The structural distinction between P. machaon and alexanor is absolute [»Papilio machaon, »Papilio alexanor]

578 (BE)         hospiton [»Papilio hospiton]

578 (BE)         podalirius [»Iphiclides podalirius]

578 (BE)         feisthamelii [»Iphiclides feisthamelii]

579 (BE)         Boloria alethea should have been Brenthis (Boloria) esperi and (Clossiana) titania rossica should have been Brenthis (Clossiana) titania seripe [»Boloria aquilonaris, »Fabriciana adippe]

580 (BE)         »Lysandra cormion Nab.

580 (BE)         Lysandra polonus Zell.== "calydonius", "haffneri" etc (coridon × bellargus) [»Polyommatus polonus]

580 [BE]         Brinteria etc. [»Brintesia]

580 (BE)         "valesina" [»Argynnis paphia]

580 (BE)         M. dictynna [»Melitaea diamina]

580 (BE)         M. didyma [»Didymaeformia didyma]

580 (BE)         B. napaea [»Boloria napaea]

581 (BE)         alb. Colias & "valesina" [»Argynnis paphia]

582 (BE)         Papilio machaon, machaon sphyrus, machaon britannicus, machaon gorganus, machaon alpica [»Papilio machaon, »Papilio machaon alpica, »Papilio machaon britannicus, »Papilio machaon gorganus, »Papilio machaon sphyrus]

582 (BE)         »Papilio feisthamelii Duponchel [»Iphiclides feisthamelii]

583 (BE)         podalirius podalirius [»Iphiclides podalirius podalirius]

583 (BE)         »Zerynthia Ochsenheimer

583 (BE)         »Archon (Archon) apollinus Herbst

583 (BE)         »Parnassius (Parnassius) apollo Linnaeus

583 (BE)         brittingeri [»Parnassius apollo]

584 (BE)         »Parnassius apollo provincialis Kheil

584 (BE)         P. (P.) phoebus cervinicolus Fruhstorfer [»Parnassius phoebus cervinicolus]

585 (BE)         P. (P.) brassicae brassicae L. [»Pieris brassicae]

585 (BE)         Pieris (Pieris) brassicae azorensis Rebel [»Pieris brassicae]

585 (BE)         Pieris (Pieris) mannii Mayer [»Pieris mannii]

585 (BE)         Pieris napi [»Pieris napi]

585 (BE)         bryoniae Hub. [»Pieris bryoniae]

586 (BE)         P. napi flavescens Wagner [»Pieris napi]

586 (BE)         P. napi bryoniae Hübner [»Pieris bryoniae]

586 (BE)         Pontia (Pontia) daplidice Linnaeus [»Pontia daplidice]

586 (BE)         »Euchloe (E.) ausonia ausonia Hüb.

587 (BE)         »Delias Subgenus: »Aporia Hübner:… one species in Europe: crataegi Linnaeus [»Aporia crataegi]

587 (BE)         Colias (Colias) … hyale & australis [»Colias hyale, »Colias sareptensis]

587 (BE)         Colias (Colias) chrysotheme schugurowi Krulikovski [»Colias chrysotheme]

587 (BE)         »Leptidea Billberg

587 (BE)         L. sinapis corsica Verity [»Leptidea sinapis corsica]

588 (BE)         Minois pegala pegala F. and pegala nephele Kirby [»Cercyonis pegala pegala, »Cercyonis pegala nephele]

588 (BE)         ferula Fabricius [»Satyrus ferula]

588 (BE)         Hipparchia (»Neohipparchia) statilinus statilinus Hufn.

589 (BE)         Hipparchia (Neohipparchia) statilinus australis … "fatua" Freyer … fidaeoformis Verity … onosandrus Fruhstorfer [»Neohipparchia statilinus, »Neohipparchia statilinus australis, »Neohipparchia fatua, »Pseudotergumia fidia]

589 (BE)         Hipparchia (Chazara) hippolyte euxinus Kuznetsov [»Pseudochazara euxina]

589 (BE)         Auclocera (Brinthesia) … circe Fabricius [»Brintesia circe]

589 (BE)         Maniola (Pyronia) … bathseba Fabricius [»Pyronia bathseba]

589 (BE)         »Aphantopus … species hyperantus Linnaeus

590 (BE)         My arrangement of European species [of »Erebia] Dec. 1964 [48 species]

590 (BE)         Papilio ligeia [»Erebia ligeia]

590 (BE)         »Medusia

590 (BE)         »Gorgo

590 (BE)         Phorcys [»Phorcis]

590 (BE)         »Syngea

590 (BE)         Monica [»Marica]

590 (BE)         Truncaefolia [»Truncaefalcia]

590 (BE)         »Atramentaria

590 (BE)         »Callerebia

591 (BE)         »Erebia (Erebia) … manto Schiffermuller

591 (BE)         flavofasciata Heyne [»Erebia flavofasciata]

591 (BE)         christi Rätzer [»Erebia christi]

591 (BE)         »Erebia (Edda) cassioides murina Reverdin

592 (BE)         »Erebia (Phorcys) … gorge Hübner

592 (BE)         as alert as a »Dira [»Erebia disa]

592 (BE)         »Erebia (Phorcys) … mnestra Hübner

592 (BE)         »Erebia (Phorcys) … rhodopensis Nicholl

592 (BE)         »Erebia … pandrose Borkhausen

592 (BE)         »Erebia … pronoë Esper

593 (BE)         »Erebia (Truncaefalcia) aethiops altivaga Fruhstorfer

593 (BE)         »Erebia … embla Thunberg

593 (BE)         Erebia … Callerebia … phegea Butler [»Proterebia afra)

593 (BE)         »Lethinae

593 (BE)         »Pararge (Pararge) egeria

593 (BE)         »Lopinga achine

594 (BE)         Pararge (»Lasiommata) maera

594 (BE)         Pararge (»Lasiommata) petropolitana Fabricius

594 (BE)         »Dira (Dira) petropolitana petropolitana F. [»Lasiommata petropolitana]

594 (BE)         »Melanargia … galathea Linnaeus

595 (BE)         A. russiae [»Melanargia russiae]

595 (BE)         galathea [»Melanargia galathea]

595 (BE)         psyche [»Melanargia occitanica]

595 (BE)         »Yphthiminae

595 (BE)         »Coenonympha (Coenonympha) tullia suevica Hemming

595 (BE)         scotica Staudinger [»Coenonympha tullia scotica]

595 (BE)         »Coenonympha (Chortobius) … hero Linnaeus

595 (BE)         iphis [»Coenonympha glycerion]

596 (BE)         Coenonympha (Coenonympha) corinna elbana Staudinger [»Coenonympha corinna, »Coenonympha elbana]

596 (BE)         »Nymphalis (Nymphalis) … antiopa Linnaeus

596 (BE)         Nymphalis (Nymphalis) urticae ichnusa Hübner [»Aglais urticae ichnusa]

596 (BE)         P. hospiton [»Papilio hospiton]

596 (BE)         A. elisa [»Argynnis elisa]

596 (BE)         Nymphalis caschmirensis [»Aglais kaschmirensis]

596 (BE)         »Pyrameis Hübner (1818)

597 (BE)         »Vanessa (Vanessa) … cardui Linnaeus

597 (BE)         »Araschnia (Araschnia) levana levana L.

597 (BE)         »Melitaea … cinxia

597 (BE)         »Melitaea (Melitaea) cinxia pallidior Oberthur

598 (BE           Melitaea (Melitaea) phoebe minoa Fruhstorfer [»Cinclidia phoebe]

598 (BE)         »Melitaea (Melitaea) diamina aurelita Fruhstorfer

598 (BE)         »Melitaea (Melitaea) diamina vernetensis Oberthür

598 (BE)         Melitaea (Athaliaeformia) athalia Spanish and Balkan groups [»Mellicta athalia]

598 (BE)         Melitaea (Athaliaeformia) deione berisalii Rühl [»Mellicta deione berisalii]

598 (BE)         Melitaea britomartis melathalia Rocci [»Mellicta britomartis]

598 (BE)         britomarti [»Mellicta britomartis]

598 (BE)         parthenie [»Mellicta aurelia]

598 (BE)         M. parthenie mendrisiota Fruhstorfer [»Mellicta aurelia]

599 (BE)         Melitaea (Athaliaeformia) parthenoides sphines Fruhstorfer [»Mellicta parthenoides]

599 (BE)         Melitaea (Athaliaeformia) parthenoides beata Caradja [»Mellicta parthenoides]

599 (BE)         Melitaea (Athaliaeformia)… varia Herrich-Schäffer [»Mellicta varia]

600 (BE)         Melitaea… didyma Esper [»Didymaeformia didyma]

600 (BE)         Melitaea (»Didymaeformia) trivia

600 (BE)         catananoides Verity … nana Staudinger … catapelia Staudinger [»Didymaeformia  trivia]

600 (BE)         Melitaea (Didymaformia) trivia aabaca Fruhstorfer [»Didymaeformia didyma aabaca]

600 (BE)         Euphydryas (Euphydryas) maturna Linnaeus [»Hypodryas maturna]

600 (BE)         »Euphydryas (Euphydryas) aurinia glaciegenita Verity

600 (BE)         merope de Prunner [»Euphydryas aurinea]

601 (BE)         »Euphydryas (Euphydryas) aurinia provincialis Boisduval

601 (BE)         »Issoria … lathonia Linnaeus

601 (BE)         »Brenthis … daphne Schiffermüller

601 (BE)         A. laodice [»Argyronome laodice]

601 (BE)         Boloria (Boloria) pales mixta Warren [»Boloria pales]

601 (BE)         graeca [»Boloria graeca]

601 (BE)         pales [»Boloria pales]

601 (BE)         pyrenesmiscens [»Boloria pales pyrenesmiscens]

601 (BE)         Boloria (Boloria) sifonica aquilonaris Stichel [»Boloria aquilonaris]

602 (BE)         Boloria (Boloria) aquilonaris alethea Hemming [»Boloria aquilonaris]

602 (BE)         Limenitis (Limenitis) populi semiramis Schrank [»Limenitis populi]

602 (BE)         bucovinensis [»Limenitis populi var. bucovinensis]

602 (BE)         »Limenitis

602 (BE)         Limenitis (Limenitis) … anonyma Lewis = reducta Staudinger … camilla rivularis [»Azuritis reducta]

602 (BE)         »Neptis Fabricius

602 (BE)         Danaidae [»Danainae]

602 (BE)         »Danaus chrysippus Linnaeus

603 (BE)         Danaus body ... Vanessa cardui like wingtips … from a Theban tomb [»Danaus chrysippus ]

603 (BE)         »Libytheidae

603 (BE)         »Libythea … celtis Laicharting

603 (BE)         »N[ymphalis] polychloros

604 (BE)         The American species is Libythea bachmani Kirtland [»Libytheana bachmanii]

604 (BE)         »Riodinidae

604 (BE)         »Lycaenidae

604 (BE)         »Lycaena

604 (BE)         Lycaena (Lycaena) … helle Schiffenmüller [»Helleia helle]

604 (BE)         Lycaena (Heodes) alciphron gordius Sulzer [»Thersamolycaena alciphron gordius]

605 (BE)         Lycaena (»Thersamolycaena) … dispar Haworth

605 (BE)         »Cupidinae = Blues

605 (BE)         the Polyommatini of »Forster (1938) [check] and to the »Plebejinae of authors e.g. of »Verity, 1943 (but not of »Stempffer or Nabokov)

605 (BE)         Lycaena heteronea Boisduval [»Chalceria heteronea]

605 (BE)         »Scolitantides orion Pall.

606 (BE)         Scolitantides, Glaucopsyche, Zizeeria, Maculinea & iolana [»Scolitantides, »Iolana iolas]

606 (BE)         »Scolitantides ... orion Pallas

606 (BE)         Scolitantides (Glaucopsyche) alexis aeruginosa Staudinger [»Glaucopsyche alexis]

606 (BE)         Scolitantides (Maculinea) … nausithous Bergsträsser [»Maculinea nausithous]

606 (BE)         intermediate between alcon and arion [»Maculinea alcon, »Maculinea arion]

606 (BE)         teleus [»Maculinea telejus]

606 (BE)         Scolitantidea (iolana) … iolas Ochsenheimer [»Iolana iolas]

607 (BE)         In flight like a giant argiolus [»Celastrina argiolus]

607 (BE)         »Plebejus Kluk … A large, clear-cut genus equivalent to the subfamily »Plebejinae of Stempffer 1937, 1938, and Nabokov 1944, 1945 (but not to the Plebejinae of authors, e.g. Verity); also equivalent to the "tribe" Plebejidi or Plebeiidi of Tutt & Chapman, 1909; and to the subfamily Polyommatinae of Forster, 1938 [also »Lycaenidae]

607 (BE)         »Plebejus (Plebejus) argus aegidion Meisner

607 (BE)         »Plebejus (Plebejus) argus corsica Bellier

607 (BE)         P. idas bellieri [»Plebejus idas bellieri]

607 (BE)         »Plebejus (Plebejus) pylaon trappi

607 (BE)         extreme haefelfingeri [»Plebejus idas haefelfingeri]

608 (BE)         »Plebejus (Lycaeides) idas valesiaca Oberthür … It grades into the altitudinal race argulus on the Simplon road … and into calliopsis in the Piedmont [»Plebejus idas calliopis]

608 (BE)         »Plebejus (Lycaeides) idas argulus Frey

608 (BE)         Plebejus (Lycaeides) idas corsica Tutt [»Plebejus idas bellieri]

608 (BE)         Plebejus (Agrodiaetus) bellargus vestae Verity [»Polyommatus bellargus vestae]

608 (BE)         Lycaeides (Lycaeides) argyrognomon [»Plebejus argyrognomon]

609 (BE)         Plebejus (Aricia)… montensis debrosi Beuret [»Aricia artaxerxes]

609 (BE)         Plebejus (»Agriades) glandon zullichi Hemming

609 (BE)         A presumable cross between Plebejus (Agrodiaetus) coridon Poda and Plebejus (Meleageria) daphnis Schiffermuller was described from SE France as Lysandra cormion Nabokov 1944 [»Lysandra cormion]

609 (BE)         »Polyommatus

609 (BE)         Plebejus (»Polyommatus) … icarus Rottemburg

609 (BE)         Plebejus (»Polyommatus) … icarus septentrionalis Fuchs

610 (BE)         Plebejus (»Polyommatus) icarus flavocincta Rowland Brown

610 (BE)         »Thecla

610 (BE)         Thecla (Strymon) … acaciae Fabricius [»Satyrium acaciae]

610 (BE)         Strymon (Strymon) ilicis inalpina Verity [»Satyrium ilicis]

610 (BE)         »Callophrys (Callophrys) avis Chapman

610 (BE)         »Hesperidae

610 (BE)         »Ismenina[e]

611 (BE)         »Hesperia

611 (BE)         »Adopoea

611 (BE)         »Gegenes

611 (BE)         »Carterocephalus

611 (BE)         »Heteropterus

611 (BE)         »Urbicolidae

611 (BE)         Adopoea (Adopoea) … actaeon Rottemburg [»Thymelicus acteon]

611 (BE)         »Heteropterus (Heteropterus) … morpheus Pallas

611 (BE)         laodice [»Argyronome laodice]

611 (BE)         xanthomelas [»Nymphalis xanthomelas]

611 (BE)         Pyrgus … Scelotrix … carthami [»Pyrgus carthami]

611 (BE)         »Pyrgus (Ataleomorpha) … armoricanus Oberthür

612 (BE)         »Carcharodus (Carcharodus) … lavatherae Esper

612 (BE)         »Erynnis … tages Linnaeus


NABOKOV'S DREAMS (1964) – published in The New Yorker, March 29, 1999


86                   One is alive – a marvellous aberration of the Green Fritillary, with unusually elongated wings [»Speyeria edwardsii]


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