Victor Fasolt

(1891 - 1944)


Sofia ("Onya") Dmitrievna Nabokov

(1899 - 1982)



married: 24 November 1943 in Berlin

Marina Viktorovna Ledkovsky
(née Fasolt

Boris Mikhailovich Ledkovsky
(German spelling Ledkowsky)

bd. 12 May 1924, Berlin
dd. 25 Nov 2014, Freeport, NY

Professor of Slavic languages and literatures at Barnard College/Columbia University (retired in 1996), New York

Book publications The Other Turgenev (1973), Dictionary of Russian Women Writers (1994) and others






bd. 9 May 1894, Agrafenovka near Novo-
dd. 6 Aug 1975, Jordanville, NY

Choral director, composer/arranger  of Russian Orthodox church music. Volunteered for the White Army and on its demobilization emigrated to Sophia, Bulgaria, where he directed several church choirs. In 1937 he founded the Black Sea Cossacks which toured Germany until 1941. After WWII he was conductor of the Berlin Resurrection Cathedral Choir in East Berlin; moved over to West Berlin in 1948, reorganizing the Black Sea Cossacks. In 1951, he moved to New York City with his wife and his three children to become choir director at the Synod Cathedral. Professor of Orthodox liturgical music at St.Vladimir's Seminary



Alexander Ledkovsky

Dimitri Ledkovsky

Tatiana Selivonik (née Ledkovsky)

Michael Ledkovsky

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