Nikolai Alexandrovich Nabokov
(1795 - 1873)

Ferdinand Nikolaevich Baron Korff
(1805 - 1869)

Anna Alexandra Nazimov
(1808 - 1847)

Nina Alexandrovna Shishkov
(1819 - 1895)

married 24 Sep 1859

Dmitri Nikolaevich Nabokov

Baroness Maria Ferdinandovna Korff

bd. 18 Jun 1826

dd. 15 Mar 1904, St.Petersburg

Statesman, Minister of Justice 1878-1885 under Tsar Alexander II and Alexander III

In recognition of his services, Alexander II made him a gift of the entailed estate (majorat) of Kacice (district Miechˇw, Gov't Kielce, at that time Russian S Poland, c.40 km N of Krakˇw)

SM 53, 56-59, 173

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bd. 24 Feb 1842

dd. 30 Dec 1925, Bucharest

German name: Maria Freiin Schmysing genannt von Korff

Heiress of Batovo estate (Gov't St.Petersburg) which she sold in 1913, moving into a town house in Gatchina. She fled from the Russian Revolution in a freight car, lived for a while with her son V.D. Nabokov's family in Berlin, moved to Dresden in 1922 and finally to Romania where she died

Most recent genealogical information on the Korff family lines in Genealogisches Handbuch des Adels - Freiherrliche Hńuser, vol.6, 1966, p.247-300. Older information in the corresponding "Gotha" of 1859 (p.373-383) and 1875 (p.449-453). Maria von Korff's family is in Stamm B (Kurland), Linie 2 (Trecken), Ast 1 (Trecken), Zweig 2 (Batovo).

In Speak, Memory (p.56) Nabokov relates how in 1859 her mother wanted to take Maria, age 17, and her younger sister Olga, age 16, to a fancy ball at the Count de Morny's in Paris and rejected the expensive flower girl costumes that had been especially made for the girls as "trop dÚcolletÚs".

SM 56, 154, 155, 173

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Nina Dmitrievna Nabokov

Natalia Dmitrievna Nabokov
Vera Dmitrievna Nabokov
Dmitri Dmitrievich Nabokov
Sergei Dmitrievich Nabokov
Vladimir Dmitrievich Nabokov
Konstantin (Constantin) Dmitrievich Nabokov
Elizaveta Dmitrievna Nabokov
Nadezhda Dmitrievna Nabokov

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